The Problem


20.1 million Vehicles registered
90.5 million tyres in use

In Australia

Over the last 5 years in Australia the
Number tyres sold has risen to

540,000 tonnes

Tyres currently
recycled in Aust



Tonnes of OTR tyres produced in Ausralia

56 million

EPU tyres reach their end of life each year
In Australia.

350,000 tonnes

End of Life tyres in 2018/2019 in Australia

4.4 million tonnes

End of life tyres generated in USA annually


GDT will process

19,300 tonnes

tyres annually

1 billion

tyres reach their end of life each
year around the world.

A Blight on the Environment

End-of-life car and truck tyres have been a blight on the environment ever since they were invented over a century ago.

Grinding up old tyres to make crumbs or flakes is not an effective means of recycling tyres as the rubber has not been changed and there is a limit to how much of this material can be used for kindergarten playgrounds and soccer fields. Using it as a furnace fuel in Asia creates noxious greenhouse gases and damaging emissions.

As well as the environmental problems caused by dumps of old tyres or illegally discarding them in bushland and waterways, after rain these tyress become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a source of dangerous diseases such as Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever.

The task was hard and long but worthy of the time and investment, so the GDT founding group started and completed the journey. From invention to testing then approval and now commercial viability.

Invitations are now open for those that care about the problem and want to be part of the part of this exciting expansion journey.